So here we are then!

Welcome to my personal space on the net.

Over time this will build into a resource for mostly techi  related subjects but especially for my application coding tool of choice, LiveCode.

 put "So here we are then!" 

Why do I favour LiveCode?…

I’ve always believed developing and coding should be an intuitive process using an easy to understand natural language, changes to code should be iterative and one should be able to switch between code and run without having to go through the build or compile process first.

One should be able to code once and deploy to many platforms, Desktop, Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile with minimal variations in code…and it should be fun!

For me, LiveCode ticks all the boxes.

LiveCode comes in two flavours, Commercial and Open Source.

The Open Source version was launched in 2013, following a very successful funding campaign via KickStarter.

So what’s the difference between the two versions?

Apps built with LiveCode Open Source  must be Open Source and must have all the source code public under a GPL licence. Apart from that you can create and sell your app as you wish. Functionality is the same as LiveCode Commercial.

Apps built with LiveCode Commercial can have the code protected via a password so that your app is code safe. You can create and sell as many apps as you can create with no royalties.
The app is yours, the code is yours.

What this means that you can develop your app with no cost until you need to deploy..then you buy a licence.

Have a look at what Robert Cailliau, who with Tim Berners-Lee developed the world wide web says about LiveCode and why he uses it. Link

Interested, want to know more?  Download a copy and see how coding should be   LiveCode

 Andy Piddock
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