Yearly Archives: 2019

TinyIDE v1.4 released

V1.4 – 15/08/2017 Bug Fix: Code peek window not drag enabled. Various other minor code fixes. Settings/Features added: Added script coloring to code peek window when hovering over an object added key down detection Cmd/Ctrl key down shows the text property of the object Option/Alt key down show the custom properties of the object Cmd/Ctrl and…

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Script Editor Themer V3.1 Released

Script Editor Themer V3.1 Released V3.1Released 20-02-2019 Feature request: On start-up the update notification is only now displayed when an update is avaible. Feature request:Store location of Seth on close so that Seth will revert to this position on start-up. Feature request:Allow minimized start. Right click on the icon when in minimized state for the…

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