Seth V2 has now been released

Seth V2 has now been released… find out more at

Seth User Guide

The user guide for Seth V2 has now been added to the site. This guide presents all the functions in the first release of Seth V2 which will be available for download on Saturday 11th April.

Living in the Cloud

As I was looking at cloud storage options a sudden thought jumped out at me, ….scary I know! ‘What did I do with stuff I wanted to sync between devices before cloud storage?’ So way back when… ok so I had some files on computer A and I wanted to have the same files on…

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Seth V2 a major upgrade is coming

I’ve decide to stop the Seth 1 series at the present V1.2 and jump ahead to V2. This decision has mainly been influenced by ongoing problems with installing Seth on Yosemite. For V2 I decided to form a small beta testing group to help me get Seth to how I imagined it could and should…

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Why do I need to Url Encode my http POST requests?

Good question, but before getting to this, let’s have a bit of background on what a http POST request is. A http POST is a request method used by a web server to request that the server should accept data passed in the POST . Ok, so what is the server expecting to receive? The…

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Seth, what’s next?

The next release (1.2) of Script Editor Themer (Seth) will incorporate an issue and feature request form. Users will be able to post to a web based issue tracker directly from Seth without having to leave Seth. The server code is complete and a test posting system has been built and looks to be working really…

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