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22/11/18  The forum is causing problems. I’ve replied to several posts but not all are appearing even though they show that I was the last to post a reply. Until this is fixed, I will post answers above the forum topics.


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A few quick suggestions

First off, I've been using TinyIDE for a week now and already love it.

I only have one problem, which is that I use GLX2, and TinyIDE covers up the GLX2 bar. To be honest, the only reason I use the GLX2 bar is that when I hover over an object, it gives me the name  which is obviously quicker than opening properties. If possible, it would be nice to have an option to nudge TinyIDE down below the bar... or better yet, incorporate that hover feature into TinyIDE...


Other minor suggestions:

Add a "select grouped" button... I use that a lot

Add an exception list to "collect open stacks" because it pulls in all my plugins in addition to stacks I'm editing.

Maybe make it customizable so you can hide buttons I don't expect to use? (Which is a nicer way of saying, let me hide buttons I don't want to accidentally press during a sneezing fit)

Well, I was already a big fan of Seth... now I am a big fan of TinyIDE... Thanks for providing this!

Thank's very much for the positive comments.

I'm working on adding a settings panel to TinyIDE at the moment and will be sure to add in these really useful suggestions...I hope to have this done by the end of next week.

Great to hear that you're a fan.

p.s. another Seth update will be out during tomorrow, this v2.4 will allow Seth to work without modifying the Script Editor code which should help to increase the stability.