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It Don't Look Right

9.0 dp5, appearance seems to be wrong.

Here's default, and after I toggle monitor 1 button


Uploaded files:
  • Before.png
  • Button_1_clicked.png

I still cannot replicate this...makes it a bit hard to fix..

Have you tried in 8.13 which is the latest stable release?

First of all, I want to say marvelous job on it as a whole.

I did try to pm you on the forums, however that sat for several days now in my outbox, so here I am ?

I noticed a few things while running it. Like Mikey, I noticed that when starting, it is stretched across the entire screen, like so...

Opening Tiny IDE...

... however it is easily remedied by clicking on the 1 monitor.

After clicking on monitor 1

If you look closely at the first pic, you may also notice that only the widgets from the Lc toolbox show up, none of the controls do. However, the toolTips *do* show up when you hover over where the tools should be...

No Tools...

Tooltip still shows...

Other than those small issues, everything else that I tested worked and worked well. Very nice.

These pics and tests were run on Linux Mint v18, xfce desktop, 1920 x 1080 monitor resolution.

The Lc environments tested were 8.1.3 and the 9.0 DP 6. For the issues I saw, I doubt hardware played a part, but if you want a listing, will be happy to provide it.


Uploaded files:
  • TinyOnOpen.png
  • TinyMonitor1.png
  • missingTools.png
  • noControlsExceptWidgets.png

I found some additional information about the above small issues that I wanted to make sure you were aware of.

In Lc, I had turned off the widgets part of the tool palette to save space (as you know from my posts on Lc's forum about the size differences between previous issues of livecode and later releases).

Well, apparently if you turn widgets off in the tool palette, that is all that displays in TinyIDEs tool section, as the pictures above show. However, if you turn those widgets back on in Lc's tool palette, voila they reappear in TinyIDE's section, just as your pictures show !

I thought you might like to know, although I only tested this on Linux so far, I would guess it is probably the same on other platforms.

Hi bogs, thank you for your observations and comments.

Apologies for the late reply, I had 10 days away from any internet and tech...not easy but refreshing!

I will be carrying out some more testing on Linux Mint and will post the results here.

Is there anything you can think of thatย you would like to see added to TinIDE?

Well, the only other 'gotcha' I've been able to find (so far) is that when you open Lc 8 or higher, this Lc rss feed thing comes up under the main toolbar/menu bar. The rss thing is actually pretty nice, however it appears that it throws off TinyIDEs placement routine, first picture in the post #3.

The 'gotcha' is that sometimes Tiny won't open with the home and 2 monitors on screen, and I haven't found any 'grab' areas on Tiny (are there any?), so you have to close it and open again. I'd say some kind of grab area might be nice since Tiny doesn't show itself in my taskbar (Linux and most other Oses allow you to right click the tab / move / resize, but not if there isn't a taskbar tab ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

I can understand why you wouldn't want a large grab area on this, after all, it is very Tiny and serves its purpose well in that vein, and I may just be not figuring out something that already exists. I think some method of grab will be desirable even if you completely correct that issue, and if I am just missing it please feel free to let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Glad to see you back, hope everything went well for you during your absence from the world wide time waster ๐Ÿ˜€