Living in the Cloud

Living in the Cloud

As I was looking at cloud storage options a sudden thought jumped out at me, ….scary I know!

‘What did I do with stuff I wanted to sync between devices before cloud storage?’

So way back when… ok so I had some files on computer A and I wanted to have the same files on computer B.

Take a floppy disc, bang it in a drive on computer A and start copying.. hmm not enough space, ok then span the files across a few discs. Take the discs to computer B and copy across. Great all done..argh no forgot a file, so back to computer A back to B and so on.

A few years later… Now I have some web space and a 14.4K modem.
So I can now ftp the files from computer A to the web space.. go and get a coffee while this is going on, come back to computer A, argh… connection lost, try again and repeat until successful.
Go to computer B and ftp the files back .. so slow but getting better!

A few more years pass… A new type of online space emerges.. ‘Cloud Storage‘, hmm… what’s that then? Sign up for a free account, what FREE, that’s a good start. Download ( I have broadband now ) a small app to both computers set up a folder on both computers for syncing, put the files in the folder on computer A and.. magically they are teleported from A to B…hey wait a moment, the files are also available online.. and I also have an Andriod smartphone, that means I can .. wait for it .. develop a mobile LiveCode app on computer A, publish it to the cloud, go to the shared folder on the smartphone and install it to the smartphone to test… yippee and I have a copy on compurter B, so far so good …  argh.. just realised that I screwed up my source code on computer A and that computer B is switched on and has already synced to the bad source file. What to do? hey just a moment, using the Cloud Storage system, I can go back to the previous version of the file saved and make it current.. life saved… thank you Cloud Storage.

I now use both Dropbox and Cloud as my primary Cloud Storage providers, links below:

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