Yearly Archives: 2015

Quick & Easy Projects

Starting a new coding project usually involves taking the same steps. Create a folder for your new project. At a minimum create sub folders for the source, assets, compiled and release files. Add  notes/read-me/licence files. Create a blank top level project stack. These tasks can be easily automated with a simple stack that does this…

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Handy LiveCode Keyboard Shortcut Cards

Keyboard shortcuts can save you lots of time when coding your latest LiveCode creation. A list of the shortcuts can be found in your LiveCode user guide in Appendix A.  This spans two A4 pages and is not in my opinion well suited as a quick reference. I’m starting to use the keyboard shortcuts more…

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LC 8.0.0-dp 7 causing problems with Seth

In LC 8.0.0-dp 7 Seth cannot change color schemes or allow color attributes when changed to be reflected in the LC Script Editor. This is due to a change in the way LC 8.0.0-dp 7 generates the LC Script Editor. A fix for this is being worked on and will be available soon.

New LiveCode quiz page added

I’ve started a quiz section on my site as a fun way to exercise your LiveCode skills. Periodically I will add questions to be solved using the LiveCode language. Posters can vote for the solution they think solves the question best. The first question has been added today, how many solutions will there be? LiveCode…

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Windows 10 – Search, Start and Explorer Freezing

The problem A recent update to Windows 10 has had a great many people reporting problems with the search, start and explorer functions freezing or stalling the system, including me. Doing a search I have found various solutions to the problem…. none of which cured the problems on my computer. So I decided to do…

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Script Editor Themer V2.1 has been released

Script Editor Themer V2.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release. Enhancement: (All platforms) Drag & Drop reordering of themes in the theme list is now more positive and changes the theme text being dragged to red. Bug Fix: (Mac) Drag & Drop reordering of themes in the theme list not working. (All platforms)…

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Seth V2 has now been released

Seth V2 has now been released… find out more at

Seth User Guide

The user guide for Seth V2 has now been added to the site. This guide presents all the functions in the first release of Seth V2 which will be available for download on Saturday 11th April.

Living in the Cloud

As I was looking at cloud storage options a sudden thought jumped out at me, ….scary I know! ‘What did I do with stuff I wanted to sync between devices before cloud storage?’ So way back when… ok so I had some files on computer A and I wanted to have the same files on…

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Seth V2 a major upgrade is coming

I’ve decide to stop the Seth 1 series at the present V1.2 and jump ahead to V2. This decision has mainly been influenced by ongoing problems with installing Seth on Yosemite. For V2 I decided to form a small beta testing group to help me get Seth to how I imagined it could and should…

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