Q. Is  Script editor Themer (Seth) compatible with the Community version of LiveCode?

Yes from version 2.2 Seth will run on  the Community version of LiveCode. Previous versions will NOT run on  the Community version of LiveCode.

Q. Is  Script Editor Themer Free?

Yes as from April 2020.

Q. Who should I contact if  I have any problems with Script Editor Themer?

From V3, Seth issue tracking has moved to GitHub Issues. Please use this space for bug reporting and enhancement suggestions.


Q. Does Script Editor Themer have to be installed as a plugin?

V3 series – Yes Seth must be in your user plugins folder to operate correctly and this folder must be writable.

Q. Does Script Editor Themer have to have any plugin setting set?

V3 series – Yes, send message revEditScript option should be set.

V2 series – No.

Q. Does Script Editor Themer make changes to the LiveCode IDE?

V3 series – NO LiveCode IDE files are altered.

The following stacks have code added to them.
revNewScriptEditor, revseutilities & revPreferencesGUI.

V2 series only – Opening Seth automatically inserts scripts and changes preference settings in the LiveCode IDE as required to allow Seth to work. When Seth is shut down these changes are all reverted to how they were before Seth was opened.

Q. Which platforms and LiveCode versions has Script Editor Themer been tested on.

V 3.0 is compatible with the Community and Commercial versions of LiveCode and has been tested on LiveCode versions from 6.7.3 to 9.02 running on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Seth V2.2 has been tested on LiveCode version from V6.7 to V8.2 and V9.0 dp4 on Windows 10, Mac Yosemite 10.10.5, and Linux Mint.

Q. V2 series only – I’ve installed Script Editor Themer but selecting  themes has no effect?

V2 series only – Make sure you have changed the option to Custom in the Script Editor section of the Preferences dialogue of the LiveCode IDE.