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Adjust icons when no menu/Track IDE tool status

I think that it would be nicer if the icons moved up to be centered when the menu was hidden.

I decided to play around and ended up doing quite a bit of work on it.  I even managed to get the edit/browse working correctly when automatically launched.  In the process I was able to get the button to maintain state with the IDE so if it was changed some other way, TinyIDE also knew about it.  The main thing that I couldn't figure out (at least not yet) was why most of the tools are not drawn if the plugin is launched automatically.  They are there, but just don't show up.  Opening the prefs and coming back allows them to show.

The method for screen width was using "the screenrects", but it is better to use "the working screenrects" so vertical tool bars will be taken into account.  On my system, I have the dock on the right side of the screen and this keeps it from being hidden behind it.  This can also be used to account for the Mac menu bar instead of checking the platform.

I used Navigator to pull all of the scripts of the main stack out to files.  This will make looking at it easier for possible integration.

I've posted a zip to my server for review:  https://milby.us/lc/TinyIDE.zip

It looks good on Mac/Windows.  Linux works, but positioning is a little off.  I compared to the official version and the results are similar.

(Of course as soon as I test somewhere else I discover the menus don't work... they look normal but actions are not getting passed on)

Posted an updated file that partially fixes the menu issue.

Hi, thanks for all your efforts. Will have a good look at what you've done later today.


Hi TinyIDE now on GitHub


many thanks.