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22/11/18  The forum is causing problems. I’ve replied to several posts but not all are appearing even though they show that I was the last to post a reply. Until this is fixed, I will post answers above the forum topics.


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bad icons of control items, graphics, and widgets

I appreciated the first version of TinyIDE which unfortunately did not launch properly since LiveCode 8.1.5.
I have downloaded your latest version which unfortunately displays the bad icons of control items, graphics, and widgets with LiveCode 8.1.6 on MacOS 10.12.6 and on Windows 7 ...

Here are screenshots in a joint picture.

Uploaded files:
  • Capture-d’écran-2017-08-10-à-18.23.33.png

Hi jmt,

Thanks for the report and screenshots.

I can confirm this on 8.15 and 8.16

I'm working on a solution for this and hope to have a fixed version up in a few days.


A bug fix release is now available v1.2.1

Download from here http://2108.co.uk/tinyide/