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changing the font from Default to an other font destroys the theme


changing the font seems to destroy the theme.


1. change the font for a theme

2. after that click on an other theme and then click again on the theme for which you´ve changed the font

Result:  the colored rectangles before the "elements" do not show up in the list anymore and the theme is not applied to the editor settings.

3. Now change the color for such an element

4. after that click on an other theme and then again on the theme


You´ll see a list with RGB color values but now also the element names are missing in the list.

See a sample video at https://multitronic.de/revseth.html



Hi, I've sent to you via email the last stable build of v2.3. Can you please let me know how you get on with this please.



Hi Andy,

i´ve just tried with your V2.3, althouhg i had 2.3 already installed. But anyway.

The behaviour is the same. I´ve tested now with the other theme. It´s absolutely the same.

I have now two corrupted themes.  😉



I can only assume this must be a corrupted preferences stack.

Ill send new a fresh one.


i´ve tested with the new preferences stack. It´s the same.

What i found out is the following: If i change the font, save and close the window w/o clicking on the theme or the other one, then the settings are stored and i can use the theme. But as soon as i open the preferences again and just click on the theme with the changed font, then the problem is there again.


OK, I've now been able to reproduce this on both Mac and Windows.

There is a bug in saving the new font name if the name has more than 2 words.

So changing the font to Arial or Arial Black would work as expected, but Source Code Pro will throw the error.

Once this has occurred then the preferences stack entry for the affected theme cannot be recovered, the affected theme needs to be deleted from Seth.

I will sort this in the next couple of days and get a new version out.

Thank you for the report.


Uploaded files:
  • 2.3Mac.gif

V2.4 of Seth is now available which fixes this issue.

Please use the Update button in the Tools section to get the new version.


Uploaded files:
  • 2.4.gif

Thanks Andy for fixing this so fast.

Works perfectly now. 🙂