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22/11/18  The forum is causing problems. I’ve replied to several posts but not all are appearing even though they show that I was the last to post a reply. Until this is fixed, I will post answers above the forum topics.


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I’ve left the old forums below for reference only, please use the GitHub Issues from now on, thank you.



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Pane on the left of the IDE is black with black ink


I purchased your plugin so I could have a black background, however, the pane on the left has black ink so the plugin is effectively useless..  Is there a trick to make it work properly?



Uploaded files:
  • error.png

Can you please add a screenshot to hi-lite what you are seeing so that I can better understand what the problem is.

Can you please also let me know
1. what platform you are using
2. operating system version
3. the livecode version (community, Indie etc) and release number