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when saving theme revSethEditor hangs


i wanted to change the font size of the dark theme. After changing the size and pressing SAVE revSethEditor stays forever with the message "Saving Dark Theme please wait".  I have to close the stack and restart it.  This is always happening when saving the theme.


1. open revSethEditor

2. unlock the themes

3. select a theme

4. change some settings (not mandatory) and  press save

6. revSeth shows the message  and stays in that state


What i noticed also is that in rare cases (when i saved the theme as described above) the Dark theme behave the same as in 2.1. I mean that after i had the crash/freeze of revSeth the message handlers are shown as black text although they are set to white.

For the 2nd problem unfortunately i do not have a recipe.


Tested with LC 8.1.2 under Mac OS X 10.11.6

Welcome to the forums.

Ok looks like I need to do a better job of my usage instructions.

I repeated your steps and have the same results (it is a bug), but..that's not how to save a theme.

The lock unlock is for opening the expanded list view it does not lock the themes.

To save an existing theme;

1. Select/highlight your theme

2. Click the New button

3. Click the Save Theme button

Perhaps I should rename the New button to Save/New in the next update.

Let me know how this works for you.



So how do i change the settings for the Dark Theme?

i was unclear in my recipe

Shouldn´t  it be

Unlock themes.

select theme and double click

change the font size

press save


Isn´t that the way?




just ignore my last post.

I just noticed that i just have to double click the theme in the list to edit the font and size.

But anyway, saving does not work.


I'm sending you an updated version to test which has sorted this saving themes problem.

Please post how you get on.


Hi Andy,

please excuse my late reply. Just tried V2.3 and Saving is now working.

Thanks for fixing so fast.


Good to hear that bug is squashed!