PointandSee is a popular FREE simple but fully featured under cursor colour picker / finder for displaying the Hex color (web colors), RGB colour and CMYK colour values. Simplify your web design colour choices, speed up you graphic design colour selection process.

PointandSee has it’s own site and has been downloaded over 4000 times.

Password Genny

A small, easy to use password generator.

Password Generatot passwod genny


Windows Download   (downloaded 694 times)

LiveCode source (V1.2) code can be found here: Get Stack Source

Handy LiveCode Keyboard Shortcuts Cards

Handy LiveCode Keyboard Shortcuts pdf prepared for 4″ x 6″ (10 x 15 cm) index cards or photo paper.

Each card has a large bottom border to allow for ring binding etc.

LiveCode Keyboard Shortcuts idex card

Download pdf (downloaded 630 times)