Seth V3 a Work in Progress

Seth V3 a Work in Progress

A complete new version of Seth (v3) is in progress.

This version while maintaining the overall functionality and familiarity of Seth series 2 is being re-coded from the ground – up.

V3 has a completely new engine, based more on the way the LiveCode IDE passes preferences instead of the custom methods employed in V2. This will make Seth much quicker and more reliable.

I have figured out what has been causing the black properties panel problems some of you have been experiencing with Seth on some versions of LC 8 and LC9. The new version will automatically adjust the text in the properties panel dependent on the background color of the editor.

As usual all updates are free to existing customers.

The various forums I have been using have been giving a lot of problems since the last few WordPress updates so I’ve moved Seth issue tracking to GitHub Issues here

To be able to post or comment on issues you will need a free GitHub account.