19-03-2018 TinyIDE has now moved to GitHub 



Download https://github.com/AndyPiddock/TinyIDE/archive/master.zip and extract to your working plugins directory and launch from the Development/Plugins menu of the standard LC IDE … done.
Tip> use the Plugins Settings to start TinyIDE when LiveCode starts up.

v1.4 released 15/08/2019

TinyIDE a Free alternative minimalist IDE Plugin for LiveCode.

TinyIDE gives you more space to develop your ideas

TinyIDE 1.1 Mac

LinuxTinyIDE Screenshot Linux

MacTinyIDE Mac

WindowsTinyIDE Windows

Cross platform, Windows, Mac, Linux. For LC V8 onwards.

TinyIDE is an effort to provide an alternative LiveCode IDE which uses a minimum amount of screen space without compromising on usability or efficiency.

I started this project as a result of frustration caused by constantly having to open/close the LC Tools palette and having to move other LC palettes/windows so that I could work comfortably on my laptop.

Apart from keeping the TinyIDE footprint as small as possible it was essential that the TinyIDE plugin was non-destructive to the standard LC IDE.

No standard LC IDE files are changed when using TinyIDE.

Menu items, Classic Controls, Widgets and Graphics items are copied at the launch of the TinyIDE plugin, so it should keep up to date as new widgets or LC Menu items are added to the standard LC IDE.

The primary reason I am able to keep the TinyIDE footprint small is that the Tools palette is now contained in a horizontal scroller within the TinyIDE.

TinyIDE at a glance (v1.0)

TinyIDE options

  • Non destructive to the standard LC IDE
  • Small footprint
  • Free (CC By 4.0 with Attribution)
  • Easily modified..hey it’s LiveCode
  • Object Peek – view object info on rollover (1.1) option in settings
  • Code Peek – view script of object on rollover (1.1) option in settings
  • Has a drop-down to launch web content and local Apps (1.1) option in settings
  • Monitor vertical offset (1.1) option in settings
  • Has a ‘Collect open Stacks’ button to retrieve all those stacks that have wandered off screen
  • Has a timer .. well, I find it useful
  • Can be switched between 2 monitors (if attached)..not tested on Mac or Linux..feedback please
  • Monitor buttons also act as a toggle to display TinyIDE at full width
  • Has a toggle for the standard LC Tools palette (paint tools are not copied to the TinyIDE)
  • Can toggle between the standard LC IDE and TinyIDE
  • New stack button also launches the Stack Properties palette
  • Quick launch button for the LC dictionary
  • Toggle for the LC Project Browser
  • Button to launch local applications (preset for Editor)
  • The standard IDE and TinyIDE can be displayed together
  • Closing TinyIDE reverts back to the standard LC IDE
  • Ability to turn off the text menu in TinyIDE (1.2)TinyIDE menubar off
  • Drag area added to right hand bottom of TinyIDE to allow free positioning (1.2)
    TinyIDE drag area
  • Options to show or hide Classic, Widget and Graphic tool pallets (1.3)
  • A default stack size can be set for new stacks (1.3)Select pallets and stack size options TinyIDE
  • Collect stacks now uses a modified version of CollectMyStacks so that stacks can be selected for collection (1.3) CollectMyStacks on LiveCode Share

    CollectMyStacks chooser TinyIDE

Give it a try and give me some feedback.
Looking forward to your comments and suggestions and on how you’ve found TinyIDE to use. I use TinyIDE now as my main LC IDE. Released Free as my way of giving back to the LiveCode community that have helped me continue, encourage and improve my LC coding.


V1.4 – 15/08/2017

Bug Fix:

  • Code peek window not drag enabled.
  • Various other minor code fixes.

Settings/Features added:

  • Added script coloring to code peek window when hovering over an object added key down detection Cmd/Ctrl key down shows the text property of the object Option/Alt key down show the custom properties of the object Cmd/Ctrl and Shift keys.
  • Added two buttons ‘Code’ and ‘Inspector’ to the toolbar to quickly bring up card and stack code and properties Code button View stack & card scripts. With Cmd/Ctrl opens card script, with Option/Alt opens stack script Inspector button Open stack & card inspectors. With Cmd/Ctrl opens card inspector, with Option/Alt opens stack inspector.

thank you Allan.

V1.3 – 15/12/2019

Settings/Features added:

  • Options to show or hide Classic, Widget and Graphic tool pallets.
  • A default stack size can be set for new stacks.
  • Collect stacks now uses a modified version of CollectMyStacks so that stacks can be selected for collection.
  • Settings panel restructured.
  • Code for copying the LiveCode IDE pallets rewritten to improve speed, reliability and to allow easier updating for when when LiveCode rearrange the the Tools pallet.


  • Add a toggle button for the LiveCode Preferences pallet.
  • Ability to theme TinyIDE.
  • Add multiple default stack sizes to be defined and selected via a drop down menu on the New Stack button.
  • Option to select which buttons are included in the TinyIDE button bar.
  • Option to add a user sub stack to TinyIDE and assign a new button to launch the new sub stack.
  • User settable icons for buttons.

V1.2.1 – 12/08/2017  This is a bug fix release only

Bug Fix:

  • Controls not being correctly deleted and copied to TinyIDE from The LiveCode IDE.
  • Incorrect display of controls in the scrolling region of TinyIDE.
  • Save failing..setting not being retained.

V1.2 – 26/06/2017

Bug Fix:

  • Context menu (right click) operation failure.
  • Saving TinyIDE sometimes resulted in incorrect sizing of TinyIDE on restart.

Settings/Features added:

  • Ability to turn off the text menu in TinyIDE, mainly for Mac OS where the menu is not required.
  • Drag area added to right hand bottom of TinyIDE to allow free positioning.


  • Add option to omit stacks from the Collect Stacks function.
  • Configurable (show/hide) buttons.
  • Add online snippets library.

V1.1 – 02/03/2017

Settings added:

  • Vertical offsets adjustment for monitor 1, 2 and docked.
  • Select Group button added.
  • Web and App links now settable.
  • Object Info on rollover.
  • Code Peek – object script view added.


  1. Add option to omit stacks from the Collect Stacks function.
  2. Configurable (show/hide) buttons.

V1.0 – 12/01/2017 .. initial release.


Add configuration card to

  1. allow external applications and web sites to be easily added/amended/deleted. These are hard coded at the moment, but easy to modify.
  2. allow TinyIDE to start up in minimum format, ( minimum width, hidden standard LC menubar)


Icons used in TinyIDE from

IcoMoon-Free is a free vector icon pack by [Keyamoon](http://keyamoon.com).

TinyIDE License

MIT Licence Copyright (c) 2018 AndyPiddock